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Super Mint is a hybrid creative direction studio. It enhances Image savoir-faire, while diving into the Web3’s infinite possibilities.

Its identity is conceived as a language, a code to be decrypted. This innovative and evolving chain conveys our purpose: Super Mint is the link in the chain relating present and future ways of communication. It helps brands and cultural institutions create their own non fungible world, by crafting real and virtual experiences.

Super Mint also creatively directs Tide magazine , an annual publication devoted to contemporary images of fashion, arts and daily life. Each themed issue gathers key talents of the industry, such as Anders Edström, Ilaria Orsini, Olivier Kervern, Josephine Löchen, or Matthieu Lavanchy.


Before creating Super Mint, the two founders worked for the likes of Jil Sander Parfum, K-Way, Lanvin, Dior, La Bouche Rouge and Rimowa, among others.

Based in Paris.