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Super Mint is a hybrid Creative Studio dedicated to Luxury and Beauty.

We partner with brands to create unique visual worlds, through Image, Innovation and Strategy.

We infuse our high creativity, strong cultural background, and sustainable awareness into tailor-made content. We believe that meaningful stories and experiences can bring communities to brands, and build a hopeful future.

Super Mint is a bridge between Savoir-faire and Innovation.

Company Profile

Super Mint also creatively directs Tide magazine , an annual publication devoted to modern images of fashion & beauty, arts and daily life.

Each themed issue collaborates with key talents of the industry, such as Anders Edström, Ilaria Orsini, Olivier Kervern, Joséphine Löchen, Matthieu Lavanchy, or Deo Suveera & Pamela Dimitrov.


The two founders worked for the likes of Jil Sander Parfum, Philosophy, La Bouche Rouge, Dior and Miu Miu among others.